"For fair budget policy! No lawlessness to financial workers!"

             7 of October 2015 within the World Actions Day “For deserving labor!” professional active workers of the enterprise took part in city meeting.
             Participants of meeting remarked, that basic directions of budget policy of the Russian Federation government for 2016 and further years is the regular attempt to solve economy not-effectiveness problems by the cost of population – by the way of decreasing the level of social security of workers in the system of compulsory health insurance, holding pensions indexation of the level lower than factual inflation, social benefits, benefits and etc.
              For the first time since 90s of the last century the level of real salary is reduced in the region. Following the results of 2014 the real salary decreased on 1 per cent to the previous year, and in first half year of 2015 – for more than 6 per cent. The problem of labor payment not in time remains.
              Participants if the meeting demanded:
              Acceptance of federal law about minimal size of labor payment on the level of living wage of able-bodied citizens in term till 2017!
               Sign of advance agreement on Samara region about minimal salary on the living wage of able-bodied citizens since 1 of January 2016!
               Not permission of legislative provision on inclusion into minimum monthly wage compensation and incentive rewards, increase of pension age, decrease of insurance security in working system of compulsory social insurance.
               of decrease the salary, and labor payment not in time.
               Maintain of acting mechanism of pensions indexation, benefits, social benefits on the level of planned inflation for the current year!
                Increase of unemployment benefits!
                Freezing on tax collection on immovable property of private individuals on cadastral valuation till confirmation the consistent approach all round the country to determination of cadastral cost of immovable property and till stabilization of economic situation in the country!


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