In the hub of engineering consulting of OJSC “Volgocemmach” primarily there are peculiarities of products, produced by the enterprise (“face of the product”) purposefully improving which, we improve the face of the enterprise.

  We work in close contact with the specialists of the customer in conditions of real projecting and production. In the process of decision of practical tasks quality of production increases and production process perfects.  

 Such examples can be:

 1.    Conversion of furnaces from wet process to dry process. Conversion for dry process reduces fuel cost for burning-in till 105-120kg/t of fuel equivalent; reduces capital inputs for 30-40%, reduces self cost of cement for 15-20%. Перевод вращающихся печей с мокрого способа производства цемента на сухой.

 Modernization variants of furnaces are given in the table:



Modernization variants

Productive capacity after modernization 

5х185 m

5х75 m

5500 t/day

5х100 m

5500 t/day

5х47 m

3300 t/day

5х51 m

3300 t/day




Modernization variants

Production capacity after modernization

4,5х170 m

4,5х70 m

3200 t/day

4х150 m

4х65 m

2300 t/day

3,6х110 m

3,6х54 m

1900 t/day

 2. Modernization of crushing equipment with using frequency converters, devices of the slow starter automated systems of thick or liquid grease and other constructive decisions.  

 3.   Welded-in kiln tires of  kilns bodies, drum coolers and drying drums, that reduce specific amount of metal of the supporting node till 20%, maintenance of equipment is simplified at the cost of exclusion under-tyre plates and fixing elements of the tyre.   

 4.    Change of friction type bearings on antifriction bearings on supports permits to get till 30% of energy saving.

 Friction type bearings are comparatively simple in manufacturing; however there are some minuses, the basic of which is increased friction coefficient of axle trunnion and as a sequence of it – considerable power consumption on furnace rotation.  

 Besides, on manufacture of friction type bearings more quantity of expensive metals is spent, bearings packers are worn quite quickly.  

 Furnace on antifriction bearings has smooth smart and stop that positively impacts on lining life of the body, drive work and other units.

 Supports on antifriction bearings are manufactured in the wide range of carrying capacity: from 50 till 1000 tons.   

 5.   Ivachev  Coupling is successfully used as coupling shaft in high-cement  drives. It is  recommended instead of toothed couplings and spindle connections and differs by simplicity of maintenance, reliability and durability.   

 This connecting device is a floating intermediated shaft, connected with flange semi-couplings of the input shaft and driven shafts by three from each side of tangential self-installing dragging through jointed spherical bearings of ball-and-socket bearing type. Ivachev coupling has high reliability and durability, while, as an example, toothed couplings work 2-4 years. Upon that Ivachev coupling permits comparatively high reactivity worth – admittable  distortion increases till 3 degrees. It is easy in work, as only ball bearing are subjected to mortgage plastic grease, working in wobbling mode with insignificant amplitude.     

 6.   Change of mills lining from cast steel into rubber   


 -  increase of inter-repair period on 60%;  

 -         reduction of load on trunk bearings and of the main drive of reduction gear box;           reduction of power consumption on 10%;  

 -        reduction of noise pressure and vibration;  

 -        exclusion of  emergency stops on the reason of  weakening or  breakage of bolts;

           reduction of time on relining  

 7. Restoration of possibility of reduction gear box A-2400 of mill drive Ø3, 2x15m  

 Manufacture of gear box is possible after change of cast body of reduction gear box on welded variant. It permits customers to make exchange of the main reduction gear-box of the mill Ø3,2×15 m or separate body. It was impossible before on the reason of foundry gear of necessary dimensions. Mass of the body is 22, 56 t.   

 8.     Individual approach to the customer:

 - manufacture of spare parts for products  discontinued;

 - repair of girth gears of “heavy” reduction gear boxes;

 - manufacture of  repair variants of  diaphragm for mills of all type-sizes;

 - manufacture of production on technical documentation of the customer;

- cost of products manufacturing excluding the cost of documentation development by specialists of OJSC “Volgocemmach” and etc.