OJSC “Volgocemmach” – is a unique enterprise of heavy engineering, is a leader on cement equipment production of Russia and having its history since 1956.

 In November 1957 the plant released its first production.

 In 1960 output of technological equipment, size reduction equipment, kilns was developed, and in 1961 metallurgic complex was launched.  

 With the appearance of Volgocemmach” plant the USSR completely refused from import of equipment for cement industry and turned to export. Production of the plant was delivered to such countries as Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Iran, India, Ethiopia and others (totally 28 countries).

 For quality and reliability of its production, the plant was awarded with five golden, eighteen silver and thirty-five bronze VDNKh medals.

 On the 22nd of January 1971 by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “for successful execution of predefined objects and for creation of high-efficient equipment” the collective of the plant was awarded an Order of the Red Banner of Labour.  

 Thanks to the plant city Togliatti  began to build actively. The whole district with kindergartens, schools, universities, technical schools, cultural and rest facilities. OJSC “Volgocemmach” became the first city-forming enterprise of the city and, in itself, determined its further destiny. Thanks to infrastructure, created those years, namely in Togliatti a decision to build “AutoVaz” was made, and also the whole number of large chemical enterprises.  

 In spite of many difficulties, connected with the USSR breakup, decrease in demand and not simple economic situation in Russia for the last 20 years, the enterprise could keep production areas, major equipment, archives, and also a priceless experience of more than half-century equipment production. 

 Today OJSC “Volgocemmach” – is a production area on the territory of 1.7 km2, having about 20 shops and more than 100 objects of auxiliary purpose. The enterprise works on the full cycle of products manufacturing: preparation and melting of metal, press forging, welding, metal-working and assembly production.

For the last years nomenclature of output of the enterprise is significantly widen and now OJSC “Volgocemmach” is a supplier of not only an equipment for cement, but also for building, metal mining, metallurgic, railroad and chemical industries.