Question: Do you have a technical possibility of turning supports with slider bearings of the furnace Ø5×185 m to roller bearing?

Answer: To change slider bearings for the roller bearings at functioning furnaces Ø5×185 m and furnaces of other type-sizes, OJSC “Volgocemmach” offers the change of support blocks with their installation on existing frame. Furnace on roller bearings has soft start and stop that influence positively on lining performance of the body, drive work and other units. Besides, one can exclude discharge rate of high cost non-ferrous metal for slider bearing inserts manufacturing that are worn quite quickly. Turning the furnace to roller bearings permits to save till 30% of electric power on furnace rotation.
Life time of supports on slider bearings is increased till 12 years.

Question: Wet process of clinker manufacturing is applied. The material, given into the furnace is residuum. Its physical properties: moisture 40-45%, spreadability 42-45%. At the present time compressed air is used for mixing residuum in tanks, except mechanical mixing. We want to turn to mechanical mixing. Is modernization of existing equipment possible?

Answer: Mixing process in residuum mixers of OJSC “Volgocemmach” is combined: with the help raker rotation through planet gear and compressed air supply, discharge rate of which is 2000 mm3/hour. As far as homogenizing annealing process takes place exactly in residuum mixer, we do not recommend to refuse from compressed air supply, because residuum will be less monomict, heavy particles will rush down and form a residual in the tank.