9th of May 2015 9 Мая 2015г

 On the occasion of 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War we plan festivities, including visiting of Great Patriotic War participants at home by the professionally active members of the enterprise.

Competitions, spartakiads on the eve of Jubilee of the enterprise.

 Shortly before celebration of 60-anniversary from the day of OJSC “Volgocemmach” forming, primary trade union organization supported by the enterprise administration, organizes a competition of the professional skills  on the title “The best young worker by  profession electric welder”.

 Trade union committee  organizes and holds a spartakiad among working teams with the purpose of intensification of propaganda of physical culture and sport. Further implementation of physical culture and tourism in everyday life of workers, office workers and their families, improvement health and fitness and sport - mass work in work collectives, identification of the best collectives for participation in sports competitions for the honour of OJSC “Volgocemmach”