For the previous 50 years the basic technological equipment, providing 80% of cement production in Russia and CIS was produced. Production with the trademark “Volgocemmach” (namely rotary kilns of different purposes, coolers, tube mills, separators, crushers of different constructions, production and purpose, drying drums, biodrums, unique reducing gear boxes, and etc. successfully work in Russia, CIS countries and far-abroad countries – Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Cuba, Brazil, India, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and etc. ) Equipment of “Volgocemmach” plant is operated on the enterprises of building industry, atomic energy, metal mining industry and other fields.

OJSC “Volgocemmach” has three basic manufacturing in its structure.
This is metallurgic production, mechanical assembly production and welding production.

Mechanical assembly production disposes unique equipment for mechanical treatment of all kinds of machines, used in cement industry. On merry-go-round machines one can treat details like rings till 10 m in diameter and the height till 3.2 m, on the turning lathes – till 16 m longwise.

On the machines of the flat group details with the length 12000 mm, width 4000 mm, height 3000 mm and mass of 150 ton. Machines of finished machining allow to smooth shafts with the diameter of 1000 mm, length 6000 mm and mass 20 ton.

Special generality is a group of tooth generating machines. One can machine girth gears of rotating kilns drives with the diameter of 12000 mm, module till 60 mm and to make inner cutting of teeth in details with the diameter till 4500 and module 25 mm.

Welding production. This production is fitted with modern equipment, permitting to execute all kinds of cold treatment of sheet rolled metal products and profile rolled metal products, and also its welding and heat treatment. Big equipment stock of domestic and foreign pressure and sheet bending equipment permits to execute blanking, bending and rolling of metal rolled products with the width from tenth of millimeter till 80 mm. Width of welded metal can reach 1000 mm.

Modern welding methods, such as automatic submerged arc welding, manual welding in carbon dioxide, slag welding, butt welding and others provide necessary quality of welding joints, not yielding to strength to the basic metal, working in steel structures with big loads.

Instrumental production is fully equipped with the necessary close control equipment for manufacturing all kinds of instruments, such as drills, scribers, thread chasers, millers of any kinds and many others.

At the present time OJSC “Volgocemmach” has a possibility to produce modern kiln systems of dry method of production with preliminary decarbonization of raw materials. In these systems, unlike earlier produced, shorten 3-support rotation kilns are utilized.

Construction of decarbonized unit brings an opportunity to use all kinds of fuel, permits to restore a part of nitric oxide in exhaust gases and, thus, to reduce the quantity of polluting emissions into the atmosphere.

Developed standard series of kilns can provide wide rage on production – from 700 till 5000 t. a day.

Annualy “Volgocemmach” plant produced in average till 300 thousand parts names, units, machines with production cycle from 1 hour till one year. As all industrial enterprises, our enterprise, in conditions of decrease of demand for main product, tried to master and develop other directions of production, orienting for market demands.

Having experienced engineering skills and large manufacturability, OJSC “Volgocemmach” invites interested companies to take part in creation of new kinds of marketable and competitive products.

At the present time only by means of collaboration the base for general development of enterprises, leading to successful future, can be created.